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 The Juggler

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PostSubject: The Juggler   The Juggler Icon_minitimeWed Dec 29, 2010 7:23 pm

OK... to complete this review without comparing this game to COD Modern Warfare is going to be so very differecult considering that both are based onthe same game structure... but all we can do is our best.

The time zone is WWII in the Pacific and in Russia/Germany... it could be elsewhere but I have not got there yet.

As the story pans out you play different character in each arena of conflict. So in Russia you play a Russian (funny that) and in the Pacific you play a GI.
The story seems fine with different objectives to achieve. Each mission has numerous steps that act as checkpoints (save points).
So far the missions have been varied and great fun. As with every game I play I always play on a hard setting... makes the game last longer and is more challenging.
Anyway... so far I have been flushing out the Japs with flame throwers (more on that later) and blowing up Tigar tanks with Bazookas... I have had a blast... the first Russian mission is so 'Enemy at the Gate' (awesome movie and one of my favourites) it's unreal.... was expecting a shower sniper scene (gotta know the movie to understand that).
I have noticed that although he game area is restricted it is possible to complete each mission is a slightly different way.... ie use this gun or that or use this tactic or that... defo not a sandbox game but better than COD before.

Graphically this is (in my opinion) the best looking game on the 360.... the graphics are awesome and the detail extreme.... your flame thrower is amazing.. and wait to you drop off a smoke grenade for cover... this game has to be seen to be believed.

Sound is spot on... turn up the volume hit that bass and feel that explosions. The music is good the commands and information from your mates is sometimes quiet so turn the music and effects down in the settings and you will be cool.

Friendly fire..... ok it might be me but in the heat of a battle when the front line is vague and enemies are in front to the side nd behind I find it awkward to see who is a god guy and who deserves to be shot... using the laft trigger you sight your weapon for a better aim but in doing so the red cross hair indicating a foe is gone.... I must admit to have shot a few of me mates by accident.

I am still playing the game but am really enjoying the single campaign. The sniper mission in Russia is great.... had a real rough time killing a German sniper... on the easier mode apparently this is a breeze but on hard you have to move about a lot and in doing so get to see so much more eye candy with looking out windows and ducking for cover etc.
I will pdate at a later date when I have completed the solo campaign.

Multiplayer.... well what can I say apart from being miffed that my score was not ported over from playing the beta for the past few weeks.
The glitches seem to have been corected too... which is awesome.

This is the part of the game that you will live with a LOT longer than the solo campaign. It is the same set up as Modern Warfare but with a few extra touches. Firstly one canno just leap iinto any multiplayer game as you need to class-up (more on this later) to be able to access these area's. Which means you can make sure you are playing with decent gamers and not some 12 year old playing silly buggers.

So the games are standard kill everyone or team kills as well as a varient on capture the flag and warzones etc.... all of these are available when you have earnt the right to play them.
As you play the multiplayer you kill people and gain experience... at certain levels you have enough experience to get promoted to a sargent or what ever rank and increase a level. Each level-up takes considerably more experince points than the last level up. As well as getting Ex points by killing people you can get proficient at using weapons and gain points that way... so for instance you have to kill 25 enemies with the BAR and for that you get 100 ex points... but then you have to kill another 70 enemies with the BAR for the next and so on... head shots... killing guys with grenades killing guys with melee attacks... all of your weapons will have some sort of achievements to accomplish... and on top of all of that you have some really weird achievments for ex points too... highest swan dive... killing so many guys in a prone position... throwing back so many grenades.... this is the same system as Modern Warfare and it works so well.
Anyway back in the game... you get rewarded for killing people and not dying... so for instance you kill three guys without dying and you can call in air recon which shows you where your enemy are hiding... 5 kills and you can call in an air strike...7 kills and you can let loose the hounds of war... AWESOME send out your attack dogs and follow them to the bad guys.

As you rank up you are awarded different weapons to use in the multiplayer... so to start with you have just one selection of sub machine gun or rifle or pistol etc.... but as you rank up more weapons will become available. And along with wapons will be your perks... You have lots of persk to choose from.. perks for better sniping or running longer or more granades or better accuracy from hip shooting of more health etc... but you can only have three perks at a time... so it makes you pick the way you play.... you think about your choices... and you can save these choices so depending on what map you play you can have the perfect set up for you.... this is the same as Modern Warfare and is perfect.

Maps.... omg... some are big and sniper zones some are small and shotty zones... all are spectacular and just outstanding graphically wise. Not all the maps will appeal to everyone as all have their favs but at the moment I am just stunned how good they all are. All seem glitch free and I hope that stays that way.

So to sum up... GO BUY THIS GAME NOW.

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The Juggler
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